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James got the COVID vaccine to care for another, then nearly lost his own life

Read this story in James's own words:

I received the first COVID vaccination without issue.

In less than a week after receiving the second COVID vaccine, my body was covered in massive bruises, and when I shaved or brushed my teeth a significant amount of blood appeared.

I went to the ER and was admitted immediately...
Bruising from internal bleeding shown on James's arm
Bruises on James's arm

My blood platelets dropped from a normal range (of between 150,000 to 400,000) down to 13,000! Then, it dropped below 10,000. They don't even record that low.

I received a platelet transfusion, which didn't help much. They put me on crazy strong steroids and my platelets slowly increased over a 6-month period.

They [the hospital] determined the COVID vaccine was the cause and if I had not gone that day to the ER, I would be dead. They told me that I had maybe 12-24 hours left before I bled out internally.

I'm still recovering from the vast amount of steroids prescribed.



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