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Shanna lost her 17 y/o daughter to Cardiac Arrest following COVID vaccination

Auburn spent 17 days suffering before losing her life at just 17 years old. Her family asks, "What happened to her? Why didn’t the vaccine help boost her already perfect immune system?"

Read Auburn's story in her mother, Shanna's, own words:

A photo of Auburn, a healthy 17 year old girl prior to COVID vaccination
Shanna's daughter, Auburn, Age 17

Auburn was picked for a school trip in July 2022. It was mandatory that she be vaccinated. She was the only one vaccinated in our household, although we begged her not to do it.

Auburn received vaccinations on June 7, 2022 and June 28, 2022. She left for her school trip and fell sick on July 18.

Auburn texted me that she was sick.

We drove from Michigan to New York to pick her up at the border of Niagara Falls in Toronto. We drove home on July 19, which was my three-year-old's birthday. We celebrated with cake and ice cream. Auburn and I had soup, and then she went to bed.

The next day on July 20, I took her to urgent care, where we sat in the waiting room for four hours. She then sat up and asked, "Did they call me back yet?" before collapsing and going into cardiac arrest. They airlifted her to Children’s Hospital, where she was put on the ECMO machine and treated with Remdesivir.

What 17-year-old has three cardiac arrests? Yes, three! One in the waiting room, and two more in flight.

Auburn was in jeopardy of having all her limbs amputated due to lack of blood flow, so her limbs turned black. We couldn't amputate due to the blood thinners, so we had to shut down the machine on August 6, and my daughter passed away.

Auburn's hand was dying due to lack of blood flow and turning black.
Auburn's hand, as it was turning black


My life has been torn apart!



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