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Mike & MaryBeth: Pfizer COVID vaccine recipients with regrets

Despite a prior vaccine injury while on active duty in 2011 involving thimerosal, MaryBeth decided to move forward with taking a Pfizer COVID vaccine. As MaryBeth's husband and caregiver, he was encouraged to get the vaccine as well.

Both MaryBeth and her husband, Mike, served our country through their time and contribution to the military, yet when it came to their health freedom, they were told that they could lose important Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits by not accepting the vaccine, despite the risks being unknown with the experimental jabs.

"I had no idea that ingredients were not listed on the page inserts... [the VA nurse] made it seem that she knew what the ingredients were."

Mike and MaryBeth and Mike both got two doses of the Pfizer COVID vaccine shot.

Mike's and MaryBeth's stories were shared on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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