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Jane's baby passed at 10 months of terminal feeding intolerance, and suffered from vaccines

Jane's daughter, Haley, struggled with seizures. Despite this, her care providers insisted she should be vaccinated at 3 months and 6 months.

"My daughter, Haley, was medically complex but stable at her 6-month well-baby appointment. Within 24 hours of her shots, she was in distress."

Following her 6-month shots, Haley developed pyloric stenosis. After enduring a surgery that did not really help, little Haley didn't have many options left but to slowly starve to death as her body was not letting food pass through her digestive system. She passed at 10 months old of terminal feeding intolerance.

Hear Haley's story in her mother's own words.

Haley's story was shared by her mother on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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