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Sarah's husband, Kyle, died in the hospital at just 39 years old due to hospital protocol

Sarah and her husband, Kyle, had COVID. Because Kyle's oxygen levels dropped, Sarah scheduled a telehealth appointment, where they were both prescribed Azithromycin and Ivermectin. Unfortunately, getting those prescriptions filled proved difficult.

Sarah, a Registered Nurse, grew more concerned about Kyle and they went to urgent care, who referred them to the ER. They discovered Kyle had pneumonia and was admitted into the hospital. Kyle was administered Remdesivir and his condition worsened. His white blood cell increased, indicating infection, but doctors blamed his prescribed steroids, and the staff refused to give Kyle breathing treatments. In time they needed to drain water off of his lungs and wanted to ventilate Kyle. Later that day, Sarah was given just 15 minutes to sit with Kyle.

She wasn't allowed to see Kyle for 21 days. Sarah tried tirelessly to share information with Kyle's care team about ways to help him, but they would not consider any of the ideas she had. Ultimately, Kyle's kidneys shut down and he passed away.

It is important to note the World Health Organization publicly stated that Remdesivir should NOT be used as treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients one month after the Food and Drug Administration approved the same drug to treat patients aged 12 and over.

Sarah shared her husband's story on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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