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Stacey's husband, Ryan, was killed by COVID hospital protocol at the age of 41

Ryan had a mild case of pneumonia and sought help at his local hospital, Corewell, previously Beaumont Royal Oak. Ryan knew that he did not want to take Remdesivir from what he had learned through his job as an insurance agent, yet the hospital began pressuring him right away to take the Remdesivir and began referring to his pneumonia as "COVID pneumonia." Ryan continued to decline the drug.

Within a few days the care team indicated they needed to keep an eye on Ryan's kidneys. Stacey inquired why that would be necessary and whether or not they had administered Remdesivir, as she knew that it could cause kidney failure. The calling nurse was unable or unwilling to say whether Ryan had received the drug, so Stacey continued to call and inquire until she could get confirmation. It took several days.

In the meantime, Ryan's oxygen levels improved, and he was looking forward to being moved to a step-down unit. Despite his progress, Ryan's doctor had placed an order to ventilate him. Both Stacey and Ryan declined ventilation and the doctor said that he would be ventilated no matter what. Hospital staff refused to talk to Stacey, and Ryan was given a sedative, so he'd feel better, only to wake up to being ventilated.

Stacey went on a herculean effort to find doctors within the hospital system who would help Ryan. Astonishingly, she did. They began administering ivermectin, steroids, zinc, vitamin c and the Frontline Doctor protocol and Ryan made immediate improvements in less than 24 hours, going from an oxygen level in the 60s to 100%. The courageous doctors were hoping to take Ryan off the vent in another 2-3 days when two other doctors came in on day 4 and revoked the protocol, sending Ryan's health back into a tailspin. The "good" doctors came back in and reimplemented the protocol that was working, and Ryan began recovering. Later that same night, the Head of ICU revoked the order again, thereby killing Ryan on January 3, 2022.

If you would like to support Stacey's efforts to bring justice to Ryan and many others, please consider making a donation to:

It is important to note the World Health Organization publicly stated that Remdesivir should NOT be used as treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients one month after the Food and Drug Administration approved the same drug to treat patients aged 12 and over.

Stacey shared her husband's story on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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