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Michelle's husband died as a result of NOT being vaccinated

Michelle realized her husband, Richard, was ill. They both tested for COVID; while she was negative, he tested positive.

Richard went to urgent care a few days later and tested positive again. A few days after that he started to feel as though he couldn't breathe and went to the ER at Henry Ford Hospital. He was admitted, but Michelle was not allowed to visit her husband initially.

Richard was administered Remdesivir.

Eventually Michelle was allowed to see her husband, but she ran into several issues communicating with hospital staff. While Richard's condition worsened day-over-day, the doctors and nurses would just say this wouldn't have happened if he had been vaccinated.

It is important to note the World Health Organization publicly stated that Remdesivir should NOT be used as treatment for hospitalized COVID-19 patients one month after the Food and Drug Administration approved the same drug to treat patients aged 12 and over.

Michelle shared her husband's story on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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