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Rebecca's son had a grand mal seizure after multiple vaccines, and he never spoke again

Rebecca's son, Zachary, was a normally developing child. At 20 months old, he had a grand mal seizure in her arms immediately following multiple shots during a well-baby visit. The doctor said that it was completely normal to have a seizure following vaccination, but Zachary never spoke again. He is now 29 years old and requires fulltime care.

Something remarkable Rebecca achieved during this journey with Zachary is that she went back to school to become a Registered Nurse. She wanted to better understand her son's treatments, his medications, and what had happened to him. She has learned a lot about the immune system, vaccines, and vaccine ingredients. And she has become a strong and powerful advocate for educating other parents about vaccines.

Rebecca shared her son's story on the Children's Health Defense (CHD) VAX-unVAX Bus in collaboration with the Michigan chapter of CHD and Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC).



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