Giving parents of vaccine injured children a voice.

Our child was injured.

We vaccinated. 

Vaccine Choice Is

Full Vaccination


While many parents follow the vaccines currently recommended by the CDC, they realize the importance of vaccine choice.


Delayed Vaccination

Infants and children can receive up to 8 shots in a single office visit. Many parents choose to separate or delay those shots. 

Selective Vaccination


Ever skip the flu shot?

If so, you practiced vaccine choice. Our members also enjoy choosing which vaccines to take or decline. 

Opting out of Vaccination


Parents who witness a vaccine injury often opt out of future doses. In short, most ex-vaxxers were pro-vaccine at one time.

Record the following when receiving a vaccine:

  1. Batch/lot number

  2. Manufacturer name (brand) and country of origin (U.S., China, etc.)

  3. Vaccine expiration date

  4. Dosage and combinations

  5. Record a timeline of health and activity for up to  7 days both before and after vaccination; share the timeline with your pediatrician or family doctor as needed

Choosing To Vaccinate

If you choose to vaccinate, follow the instructions outlined in the package inserts:

  • Review the Vaccine Information Sheet(s) prior to receiving a vaccine,

  • discuss allergies or previous vaccine reactions however minor, and

  • verify that your doctor has maintained the recommended storage conditions for the vaccine(s).

Lastly, ensure that your doctor understands that any medical event, even if possibly unrelated to the vaccine, must be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) according to Federal law; this helps governing agencies track vaccine injury and safety. 

Vaccine Exemptions in Michigan

Vaccine mandates interfere with your ability to receive individualized care due to the current one-size-fits-all protocol.


Everyone should have the right to make their own healthcare choices. Thankfully in Michigan, parents and guardians have the right to choose which vaccines they receive with the aid of medical, philosophical, and religious exemptions

Parents & Guardians with Children in State-Funded Daycare or School

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