Allison tells the story of her son's intussusception and hospitalization

My son received all of the CDC recommended vaccines at his 4-month well-baby visit: Rotovirus, DTaP, Hib, PCV, IPV. Within 14 days he began showing severe stomach distress, going from severe constipation to severe diarrhea, which lasted for 16 days. He was hospitalized within 16 days of the vaccination being administered.

"We later learned that the Rotavirus vaccine lists 'Intussusception' as an adverse reaction on the package insert."

Dawson was in the hospital for 5 days, and diagnosed with intussusception and severe dehydration. His pain level was so high that he was crying inconsolably. His blood and fecal tests were negative, so the cause was said to be “unknown” even though it occurred within weeks of his vaccinations. Despite this, Dawson’s doctor never acknowledged his injury as being vaccine-related.

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