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Lisa tells the story of her son's vaccine injuries and chronic neutropenia

Aiden was born at Oakwood Hospital in 2007. Prior to birth, I signed a waiver asking for no vaccinations to be administered. The Hepatitis B vaccination was given to my son even though I signed a waiver, and without our knowledge and consent. Within hours of being discharged, our son began to scream and cry uncontrollably. He screamed for 9 hours and refused to nurse.


"Our son began to scream and cry uncontrollably."


We called the doctor, who sent us to the ER. After preliminary physical exam and X-ray, the ER doctors said that he had colic and sent us home. Days later, we went for a well baby check and the doctor said that according to paperwork, our son had received the Hep B vaccination after being born.

We decided to delay and spread out other vaccines. When Aiden received the DTaP his white blood cell count went down (neutropenia). After another DTaP shot recommended by the doctor, Aiden's white blood cell count went down again, and now he has chronic neutropenia.


"Neutropenia is listed as an adverse reaction."


Aiden also has ADD, social anxiety, and dyslexia. His injury was reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), and is currently under review by the vaccine injury compensation program (VICP).

Note: The vaccine injury review and compensation program can take several years from start to finish; parents are left to deal with the financial burden of vaccine injury until their case is heard, and then there is no guarantee that they'll be compensated.

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