Sylvia tells the story of her newborn son's respiratory distress immediately following the Hep B

My son received the Hepatitis B vaccine and Vitamin K shot within a few hours of his birth. Shortly after he went into respiratory distress with suspected sepsis and was placed in the NICU for 7 days. The NICU physician told me that the labs indicated our son was fine at birth (initial CRP numbers were low, but then escalated with next draw). Although multiple labs and a spinal tap were completed, a cause for the incident could not be found. Vaccines were never mentioned.

"My son had high Apgar scores at birth, but then something happened to him."

When I discussed my suspicions with our pediatrician, she swore that the Hepatitis B vaccine was one of the safest, and that this never happens. She wanted to continue vaccinating to assure that the Hep B was not the cause. I felt bullied, so I allowed the second vaccine. His legs shook and he made a few odd breathing noises within the hour following his vaccine. For the next 3 months he had a hard time holding his head up and didn’t interact much with others, leading our family to be concerned for him.

We discontinued vaccination after the second Hep B shot, as we were confident he would experience further harm.

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