Kristen asks you to believe mothers

Christian had reactions to every set of vaccines that he had, which were dismissed by his pediatrician and other doctors. It started with projectile vomiting, tics, head rocking, diarrhea, hives, multiple ear infections, croup.. the list goes on.

At almost 16 months old, he had a seizure two weeks after his DTaP, HiB, and Polio vaccines. He still hit all of his developmental milestones at this point. He was walking and talking normally for his age, as documented by the neurologist who examined him.

At 20 months old, he received his MMR and Varicella vaccines. He stopped talking right after. Prior to that well visit, his doctor noted that he was walking and talking, and a “healthy” child.

Christian was referred for speech therapy by his 2 year well visit. He regained some words.

At nearly 3 years old, he received his Hep A vaccine. His doctor noted at his next well visit that he was completely non-verbal and was now walking on his tippy toes.

He was diagnosed with autism at 3 1/2. I was told there was nothing I could do for him, and to get him into therapy to manage it.

We made great strides with biomedical treatment, which he started at age 4. Just two days after a diet change and other treatment, he said Mama for the first time in 2 years.

Today, Christian is still recovering from the damage done to him by vaccines. He is happy, healthy, and thriving. The picture of him as a baby is the day after his MMR and Varicella vaccines. BELIEVE MOTHERS!

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