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Maija tells the story of her son's increasing health issues following each vaccination

I had been working in the field of ABA and speech and language programming development for severe to profound cases of autism for 10 years before my son was born. Even after knowing and working with many families who had a child that regressed into autism after vaccination, I still was not willing to reject vaccinations for my own children.

As a new mother, I was torn between what the doctors told me my child could DIE from a preventable disease, and knowing that some kids do have bad irreversible damage. So we chose to follow Dr. Sears’ delayed vaccine schedule.


"My son became chronically ill."


He had gastrointestinal problems. He projectile vomited ALL THE TIME. I could not leave the house without a 10 burp cloths and change of clothes for both him and me! As an infant the doctors brushed off as COLIC. And I ignored the vaccine correlation.

He suddenly presented with unilateral facial palsy, but this mama only saw what she wanted to see. And I ignored the signs of vaccine injury.

He developed apnea and we had to have a special monitor that would alarm when he stopped breathing for too long. And still I ignored the vaccine correlation.

He suffered from high fevers and even hallucinations. But he was still neurologically intact. So I continued to ignore the vaccine correlation.


"As an autism specialist, I was acutely aware when my smart and socially interactive boy stopped responding to his name at the age of 2 1/2. "


My perfect and loving boy began to regress into himself and become more rigid in his behaviors, began repetitive speech patterns, AND LINING UP TOYS.I told myself… well it isn't from the vaccines because we are on a delayed schedule and his last vaccines were a month a ago... so even then, I refused to look at vaccines and regrettably I continued to vaccinate him until his baby sister came along.

It was only years later that I was able to bring myself to look back on his vaccine dates and medical file. The horror was more than any mother should ever have to bear. My son was hospitalized or visited the doctor for a “sick visit” after almost ever vaccine visit.

My son was showing signs of adverse vaccine reactions his entire infancy and the doctors missed it... and even I, his mother missed it. We continued to vaccine him until his little body could not take it anymore and he was neurologically damaged.



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