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Brenda and David tell the story of their infant triplets, injured by a recalled pneumococcal vaccine

We had beautiful, healthy triplets in 2006: two boys and a girl. We had an agreed upon plan of spacing out vaccinations with our doctor.

On June 25, 2007 we went to a scheduled well baby visit with our healthy, completely neuro-typical nine month old triplets. On this visit the planned vaccination was pneumococcal. Upon injection, our daughter Claire screamed and became inconsolable, with immediate swelling in her leg. We figured this was a normal reaction to a shot, so we went on to give both boys their shot.

I am an educational audiologist who works with autistic children, so when by 12 noon Claire lost all of her facial expressions and her reflexes disappeared, I recognized that she was regressing before my eyes. By 2 pm we watched Richie shut down like Claire. By 5 pm we watched in disbelief as Robbie lost all eye contact and desire to communicate.


"All three children regressed into autism within hours of vaccination. They were diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis. A geneticist explained that the chance to this happening to 2 of our triplets would be 1 in 4 million. It happened to all 3. It is not genetic."


Where are all of the people who said that vaccines were safe? The vaccine injury was acknowledged by our doctor, but was not reported to the vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS), even though we specifically requested it. We were unaware that we could self-report.

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